Phonat - Ride The Prejudice

Skrillex's record label OWSLA asked Hello Savants to produce this music video for the London based artist Phonat. An animated 3D and 2D video made of 68 different compositions, apparently disconnected from each other. These images coexist together in a harmonic sequence where audio and video merge into a single form.



Directed by Savants

Client: OWSLA
Concept e direction: Rocco Pezzella
Animation and motion design: Rocco Pezzella and Andrea Staiano 
Additional graphics: Giulio Mencaroni



Phonat - Ghetto Burning

The third music video for Phonat, it's an animated paper cuts collage, based on the principle of sampling and remixing where real footages, cgi and graphics are combined together.
The idea was to evolve the collage technique beyond the common perception of a static image. Our approach to cut and paste is spread all over new media and concepts to try to reflect the spirit of our collective.

Our video Ghetto Burnin' has been selected to be featured on ONEDOTZERO DVD.



Directed by Hello Savants

Client: OWSLA

Compositing and Animation: Andrea Staiano, Rocco Pezzella, Francesco Castellani, Stefano Paron


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