It is an idea in which the sensory combination of video and music represents the creative and founding premise. To fully tell the music of the artists involved in the project, the Avantguardia team traveled all over the world, collecting images and sensations and then conveying them into visual pieces that complement the songs, merging them into a whole of sounds and visions. Avantguardia was founded in 2015 by three production entities, Thaurus, Except and HelloSavants !, which with the push of the musician and producer Shablo, director Pepsy Romanoff and artist Ok Rocco, then brought together the other numerous participants in the project. This is its visual manifesto.

Avantguardia whispers new worlds, significance that exist within, trough steep and uninhabited landscapes. Avantguardia creates synesthesias, soft alchemies between images and sounds. It is a laboratory of a dreamy world, with the machine attending the image/sound, the abstract world that overflows, flooding, the real world, with its thoughts and perceptions Futuristic visions sprouted in to present, transmutations of archetypal and perceptual changes. Avantguardia is the ‘not arrived here yet’, suddenly crashed into our moment.


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