Thimngs that do not exist

"Things that do not exist" portraits empty rooms of the unconscious when dreams, nightmares and reality fuse together in sharp, lucid visions. These images have the strength and presence of a sculpture and the ephemeral fragility of an idea that can still be changed, something not necessary as itself but only as its will to exist.
It doesn't want to represent something fantastic or surreal but rather pause on the moment of its creation. A timeless, suspended dimension where we're brought on a journey through unconscious associations in an autopoietic and circular transformation. Without color or directions it lives in the primordial haze before shape.
Characters and structures in the artworks are tied to their freedom, the one that allows to generate irrational giving it a meaning. Characters leaning on each other and holding the weight of their creations, bridges between and through them.
Now that the will to appear and leave a sign is widely spread, "Things that do not exist" moves some questions on the uncertainty and unnecessity of this need.
Directed by Rocco Pezzella
Music by PlastikJoy
Text by Andrea Staiano
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