Hewlett Packard - HPE Pointnext

Hello Savants and Not To Scale present their new film for HPE - Pointnext ( Hewlet Packard ).
The brief was about telling the story of a journey to modernised IT, a transformation that can be intimidating but that can be embraced without fear by those with the right know-how.

There’s a general sense of adventure and discovery as the subject follows the light. In the story progression the subject goes from being somehow passive and overwhelmed by the environment to gaining a more active attitude, as he owns the skills to move confident in this new world.




Directed by Hello Savants
Production Not To Scale

Storyboard: Hello Savants
Art Direction & Illustrations: Hello Savants
Cel and character animation: Bruno Brasil Vieira, Guille Comin, Jay Septimo 
2D-3D Animation: Hello Savants
Producer: Katrina Lofaro
Colouring and compositing: Hello Savants, David Benedetti