Introducing Avantguardia

Soundtrack by: Mace and Shablo
A film by: Ok Rocco & Pepsy Romanoff

Produced By: Thaurus - Except - Hello Savants
Digital Partner : ThinkingAbout
Excecutive Producer by: Maurizio Vassallo and Hello!Savants
Publishing and Copyright: Giovanni Valle
Words by: Lucio Giuliodori
Written by: Rido
Director of Photography by: Emanuele Cerri
Additional Footage by: Dario Garegnani
Music Curator: Mace

Created By: Shablo - Ok Rocco - Pepsy Romanoff

This is the first content produced by the Avantguardia team, with music by Shablo and Mace, visual and images by Ok Rocco and Pepsy Romanoff.
We travelled from Alaska to Iceland to put the right images together, gathering the two worlds of audio and video, realizing an unique product. We have travelled in the mind, to have also an oniric vision, symbolizing it with the graphic objects, bridging the hole between nature and abstract, where analog and digital collides.

From the album : V.A. "Apogeo" (Avantguardia 001) 
Soundcloud :