EYE Film Museum Quiz Booth Controller

Located at Amsterdam’s EYE Film Museum, these booths allow three participants to engage each other in a quiz.

Project Data

Year: 2012
Client: EYE Film Museum Amsterdam
Agency: Submarine
Booth Design: NorthernLight
Booth Construction: Fiction Factory
Hardware: Ubi de Feo | Meg Grant
Firmware + Protocol: Ubi de Feo

Project Description

As a mean of controlling the quiz game, we were asked to develop a controller with 3 industrial grade buttons that would control an Adobe Air application over USB.
Arduino was the perfect platform to prototype and later move to custom C code for the firmware and elimination of Arduino’s BootLoader for ready-on operation.

Custom Arduino Shield

Starting with a prototype on breadboard we then moved to EagleCAD for the creation of a PCB.
Two prototypes were hand-made and error-checked before production of a few units that were then assembled by hand.

Software Prototype and Communication Protocol

In order to reduce the amount of nodes in the chain, the hardware was thought as the View component of a Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm.
Allowing the PC software to supply the other two components, the hardware (and its firmware) only transmit and receive events, so a PUSH is handled by the PC which decides if to send an event to light the button up.
A very lightweight communication protocol has been designed to allow quick transmission of events coded in bits.
Implementation of error-checking allows both sides to reset communication/handshaking when necessary.

Before the Adobe Air app was completed, tests were performed using a prototype app built in Processing

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