The Savants Collective

The  Savants are a bunch of friends with unique disabilities and unexpected talents. Mostly diagnosed with motion graphics or illustration syndromes they’re progressively degenerating in many other art fields.

Marco is gifted with incapability of keeping objects undamaged, nonetheless he succeeds in depicting fragments of reality in unbreakable immortal compositions.

Francesco is born left-handed with a slightly scarlet moustache he masters the art of connecting two points/dots only by an incredible shaky line. He definitely needs a ruler to trace/draw a precise and righteous lifeline.

Andrea’s unrivaled skill of turning everything simple and linear into complex and tortuous allows him to write these lines of detonating creativity.

Rocco’s unmatched gift lies in his total lack of mother tongue. He can effectively/successfully communicate only by his personal grammar made of glorious and majestic imagery of dubious morality.


We had the pleasure to collaborate with

Weiden+Kennedy Amsterdam, 180 Amsterdam, TBWA Italia, Amsterdam World Wide, EMI records, MTV,  Adidas, OWSLA records, n5MD, Onitzuka Tiger, Casio, Campari, Erima, L’Espresso,Coca Cola, Nike, Heineken, Nokia, Eni, 72&sunny, Khanna/Reidinga, Creativity Day, Animography, Benetton, Carhartt,  Arkitip, Eye FIlm Museum, GEM Contemporary art Museum, Mediamatic, Museo Callicola, Museo Palazzo della Penna, Kallenbach Gallery, CBK Amsterdam, AFK, HL-projects Brussell, SCION Gallery.



Giulio Mencaroni

Giulio Mencaroni

Marco Galmacci


Francesco Castellani


Andrea Staiano


Rocco Pezzella