FITC Amsterdam 2014

On february 25 Ubi gave a talk at FITC AMSTERDAM 2014.
He told a story of curiosity, broken toys, code and learning paths.

“Curiosity is a gift… and a curse; it’s the tool that makes you break your toys in order to understand how they work (or at least used to).”

Ubi de Feo started taking stuff apart when he was 6, and this desire to discover the inner workings of things has guided him through hacking engines, code and electronics.
20 years later he programs lower level code and studies micro-controllers, which are often less powerful than the Commodore 64 he started with.

Creativity Day 2013

Hello, Savants! goes to Creativity Day in Reggio Emilia and Rome.
We will be talking about our studio and how we create music videos and commercials.

from 0 to C travels to Italy

From 0 to C at Digital Accademia.

Ableton Tailored Workshops

Hello, Savants! [SOUND] is organizing Ableton Tailored Workshops for few selected students in their Amsterdam studio.