Hello, Savants! is a production company driven by passion for design, illustration, visuals, music and technology.
We’re a collective of long time friends with diverse and complementary skills.
We like to handle all the aspects of production sharing our love for ideas and having fun while doing it.
If you stumbled here seeking for boundaries to be pushed you’re in the right place.

Born left-handed with a slightly scarlet moustache he masters the art of connecting two points/dots only by an incredible shaky line. He definitely needs a ruler to trace/draw a precise and righteous lifeline.

His unmatched gift lies in his total lack of mother tongue. He can effectively/successfully communicate only by his personal grammar made of glorious and majestic imagery of dubious morality.

Gifted with incapability of keeping objects undamaged, nonetheless he succeeds in depicting fragments of reality in unbreakable immortal compositions.

His talented obsession for how reality unfolds makes him compulsively collect, dismantle and reassemble any device into a gimmick, changing its destiny to an even more useless one.

Happily unable to perceive any gamut out of the greyscale he managed eventually to translate everything chromatic in tonal disfunctions.

Unrecoverably Savant, he’s able to convey any mood in one immutable expression. By overlaying screens and dioptres he projects on video visions of terribly colorful outcome.

His unrivaled skill of turning everything simple and linear into complex and tortuous allows him to write these lines of detonating creativity.

The Hello, Savants! Creative Studio is composed of:

-Design/Motion/Video department
-Sound Design and recording studio
-Technology / Interaction Design Lab

We proudly worked with:
Weiden+Kennedy Amsterdam, 180 Amsterdam, TBWA Italia, Amsterdam World Wide, H-Art, Mediamatic, Coca Cola, Nike, Heineken, Nokia, Eni, Redbull Music Academy, MTV, Bottega Veneta, Reebok, Adidas, Nationaal Historisch Museum Amsterdam, MOFOHIFI, n5MD, Onitzuka Tiger, Casio, Erima